Optical multiplexer of serial interfaces

RSMUX2-FO is a multiplexer of four RS232/422/485 streams into fiber. Multiplexer allows connection of RS232/422/485 serial interfaces over fiber links with the maximum distance of 100km and provides complete isolation between devices and resistance to disturbance occurring along transmission path. Depending on the specific versions, device can be connected using multi-mode or single-mode fiber. WDM and SFP versions also available. In basic version device is equipped with one fiber optic interface, version with two optical interfaces is also available.

  • Available configurations: POINT-POINT, RING, BUS
  • Configuration through DIP-SWITCHES
  • Wide range of supply voltage: 9-18V (12V), 18-36V(24V), 36-75V(48V) DC, depending on the version
  • Optional extended operating temperature range
  • Multiplexer of four RS232/422/485 interfaces over fiber
  • Configurable serial connection: RS232, RS422, RS485.
  • Protocol transparent, up to 2Mbit/s (RS485) or 230,4Kbit/s (RS232) transmission speed
  • One or two optical interfaces, up to 100km transmission distance

Transparent transmission of RS data stream creates a flexible range of potential applications while the simplicity of the device configuration. The unit can be powered from an external power supply DC voltage corresponding to the version of the unit. In the case of mains power required an external power supply.

RSMUX2-FO provides fully transparent operation. Each serial interface is sampled with a frequency of 20 Mhz, which allows on data throughput of the RS to 230,4 Kbit/s (RS-232) and 2 Mbit/s (RS-485/RS-422). RS485 ports can be set up for 2-wire or 4-wire. This method provides a minimum time delay. Pulse time distortion are +- 60ns. Depending on the version of the device, multiplexer can work in point to point (with optical path protection), bus and ring topologies (possibility to build ring topologies with up to 64 devices). Serial interfaces can be configured through DIP switches.

Specification Designation Local Interface Line Interface
Optical multiplexer of serial interfaces. RSMUX2-FO 4x RS232/RS485/RS422 FO
Optical multiplexer of serial interfaces with two optical interfaces. RSMUX2-FO-P 4xRS232/RS485/RS422 2x FO
Optical multiplexer of serial interfaces. Rack mount version. RSMUX2-FO-R 4x RS232/RS485/RS422 FO
Optical multiplexer of serial interfaces with two optical interfaces. Rack mount version. RSMUX2-FO-P-R 4xRS232/RS485/RS422 2x FO


Point-to-point configurations:

Bus configuration:

Ring configuration:

  • Number of RS 232/422/485 interfaces- 4
RS serial interfaces
  • 4x RJ45 connector
  • Transmission speed: 0 – 1 Mbit/s RS-485
  • Transmission speed: 0 – 230400 bits/s RS-232
Optical ports
  • Possibility of 1+1 optical link protection (two optical interfaces)
  • Range depending on the type of optical port: 15km, 60km, 120km (1550nm)
  • SC/PC connectors
  • Types of fiber: 9/125um, 62,5/125um
  • Device is also available with SFP port
  • DIP Switches
  • Supply voltage range: 9-18V(12V), 18-36V(24V), 36-75V(48V) DC, with galvanic isolation
  • Up to 4 W power consumption
  • Housing 103 x 77 x 53mm
  • Suitable for mounting on DIN rail

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